Basic rules of nutrition

Basic rules of nutrition

Although the subject of nutrition is very extensive and everyone has different needs, in this article we are going to talk about the most basic thing about starting a healthy diet, we also recommend going with a nutritionist so that you can get the perfect diet according to your body and lifestyle, this is very important when people have an infected tooth goes to a Tijuana dentist but when they feel without energy they do not go with the nutritionist when that’s where the diseases start.

When you choose your protein of animal origin try to choose lean meats, without sauces or stuffings and removes the skin. Of course, among several options, fish will always be more advisable than meat. If you feel like something sweet or something that wakes you up, you can substitute dessert or liquors for coffee or tea, by eliminating alcohol and sugar from your diet you will quickly notice changes in your skin and your mood.

No less important is to attend strictly psychological issues, especially in regard to the stress that various celebrations during the year suppose for many people, from very different perspectives: missing missing or missing family or friends, organizing family agapes , purchases, economic difficulties, etc.

Such a stress situation can reduce the response capacity of the body’s immune system, making it more susceptible to suffering from various pathologies, such as infectious processes, influenza and other viral conditions, migraines, etc. To reduce this risk, it seems advisable, as far as possible, to avoid, in family and social gatherings, any topic that is considered likely to generate controversy, without forgetting that, in the end, there is always the option to leave the meeting , as a better alternative to the loss of self and / or others control, often facilitated by the excess of alcohol and tobacco.

Nothing like a well-planned healthy diet to find the metabolic balance and, also, to a large extent, the psychological one. In any case, the start of the new year is always a good time as well as any other to adopt, as we indicated in the previous paragraph, a series of simple measures, which happen to adhere to some type of programmed physical activity like gym, sports clubs , etc. Increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables, even between main meals; both long periods of fasting (making five meals throughout the day, instead of three) and snacking, understood as the consumption of snacks and “snacks” with high caloric content and deficient from the nutritional point of view, should be avoided. ; increase the consumption of white fish and lean meats (low fat, such as chicken or rabbit), preferably dressed without sauces; reduce the size of the portions somewhat (for this, it may be psychologically favorable to use smaller plates, for dessert, for example).

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