The Importance Of Keeping Your Teeth White

The Importance Of Keeping Your Teeth White

The most effective way to make your teeth look shiny is to perform dental whitening, this process does not totally change the color of the denture but it lightens the yellowish tone that covers it over the years. If they are very yellow you can go to your dentist in Tijuana, it may be more serious than you think.

Reasons to have white teeth
Having a gleaming denture can bring us aesthetic and health benefits, such as the ones presented below:

Compensates discoloration of teeth due to problems such as plaque and tartar, among others
They are opportunities to look radiant on special occasions such as your wedding, a family member or friends; anniversaries, birthdays, graduation or any other special date, the idea is to look spectacular
When going to a job interview the state of your smile says a lot about you, if your teeth look brighter you will radiate energy and freshness
Whitening your teeth every so often allows you to avoid the effects of aging on it, keeping it healthy over the years
Decreases the damage that cigarettes produce on teeth by staining them
You can increase your confidence and self-esteem levels
Counteracts stains generated by several common foods in all diets such as wine and coffee
Why do they tend to stain our teeth?
There is a significant amount of factors that cause our teeth to become yellowish over the years, some are:

Smoking cigarettes
Drink coffee, wine and soft drinks
Eat foods with a lot of pigmentation such as cherries and blueberries
Plaque and dental calculus
Excess of fluoride
Treatments with tetracycline in childhood
Dental trauma
Tricks to avoid staining teeth
Apart from whitening, we can apply some strategies every day to ensure that the teeth are kept bright and free of blemishes, we show you some:

Avoid beverages and foods that produce pigmentation: wine, coffee, cola and black tea will prevent you from having totally white teeth. You can also decrease the consumption of sauces and dark fruit juices
Periodically change your toothbrush: the correct thing is to replace it at least once every three months so that large amounts of bacteria do not accumulate in which they can damage your teeth
Clean your tongue: choose toothbrushes with scraper to remove every day the bacterial plaque that lodges in the tongue at night, this is the cause of bad breath and some stains

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